The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Hardcover

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This luxurious collector's edition of The Tibetan Book of the Dead is presented in a stunning gold-embossed hardback with full-colour illustrations.

This classic Buddhist text has its origins in the 'treasure texts', said to have been hidden away by Padmasambhava, the Lotus Guru, in Tibet in the 8th century AD so that they could be revealed at an appropriate later time. As a funerary text and guide to the afterlife, The Tibetan Book of the Dead was read aloud to the dying or recently deceased so that they could recognize the true nature of the mind and thus attain enlightenment and liberation from the suffering associated with the endless cycle of death and rebirth.

This special collector's edition is sumptuously illustrated in full colour, translated by Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup and introduced by John Baldock.

About the Author: Having initially trained as a painter and art teacher John spent several years in France, during which time he studied the history of art at the École du Louvre in Paris. An interest in the symbolism of medieval religious art led to a curiosity about sacred art as an expression of an underlying spiritual dimension. On his return to England John taught art history, eventually leaving teaching to complete a book exploring the spiritual aspect of religious symbolism. His experience as a freelance editor and editorial consultant for a mind, body and spirit publisher has given John the opportunity to pursue his interest in the spiritual core of mainstream religions including Judaeo-Christian-Islamic teachings. He has given talks throughout Europe and the USA on this and related subjects. He has also studied the world’s various religious traditions in some depth. A firm believer in the value of personal exploration of the spiritual dimension of our lives, John continues to question the literal interpretation of spiritual teachings as he undertakes his own journey.

Published - October 2021

1 x Hardcover Book; 160 pages

Book measures approximately - 23.8 x 2.2 x 15.7 cm