Truth, Lies and Love


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Sandra Biskind
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Pre-Loved - Great condition - like-new. 

"You have come to that amzing point in the progression of your soul when wisdom is knocking on your door and the stage is set for you to take the biggest leap forward in the evolution of consciousness since the devolution from Earth angel to human"

Truth, Lies and Love takes you on the life-saving journey from the head to the heart.  Beginning with God's creation of the Ancients and humanity's predecessors - the Earth angels - it expresses spiritual truth and exposes Lucifer's impact on World Earth.

By disrupting the grid, Lucifer pre-empted all opposition to the spread of his new energy - fear. In deluding all life on World Earth that God's love had been withdrawn, seeds of fear were free to sprout, grow and bloom.

Original passionate, in Truth, Lies and Love, Jesus articulates our need for a heart-centered worldview that transcends logic and the mental boxes that deny our birthright as divine children of God.

A radical wake-up call, Truth, Lies and Love explains the spiritual war that is the dominant influence in our world and reveals the true cause of our condition.

Caution: Spiritually Intoxicating - Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of this book.

Published - 2002 (First Edition)

Paperback book; 231pp

Book measures approximately - 21 x 15 x 1.5 cm