Your Insight and Awareness Book: Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself

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Lorraine Nilon
Katherine Close
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Do you yearn to reconnect with the authenticity of who you really ?

This is not just a book - it is an experience of your soul!

Your Insight and Awareness Book walks you through your emotional labyrinth like a tour guide revealing the diverse ways you inhibit yourself from accepting the significance of your soul. The struggles of life can leave you disconnected from the truth of who you are and disengaged from the meaningfulness of your own existence.

This book ignites your curiosity, and provides a map to rediscover that which has been forgotten, denied or concealed. Each chapter takes you to a deeper level of understanding, reconnecting you with the authenticity of who you are.

Your Insight and Awareness Book helps you understand your own emotional baggage and challenge your beliefs of not being good enough. It encourages you to explore the internal void and answers questions hidden beneath your limited perception of yourself. It is an invitation to embrace your soul, to experience your life journey as an arena for your freewill and to choose to value yourself, others and truth.

Paperback; 448 pp.

Book measures - 25.4 x 17.8 x 2.3 cm