Carrot Cards

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K. Meriwether Baxter
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The bunnies of old believed in free will and knew that as long as you could choose which way to hop, the future would remain undecided. Now you can use good old rabbit wisdom to look at your tomorrow or to solve the situations you have today!

These 54 gentle-spirited black-and-white illustrations will take you through the mystical burrow to find possibilities in the present, or you can sniff the supernatural winds for hints of what's to come. You can even visit the psychic meadow to find answers to questions you have right now.

Simple instructions are easy-to-read and quick-like-a-bunny to master. This sweet deck also introduces a new and fun game, Nose Bonk!, where only one bunny can win, but everyone can jump!

Appropriate for all ages, it's time to hop up to your good fortune!

54 art cards with instructions in box.

Boxed deck measures - 6.35 x 1.91 x 9.22 cm

About the Author: K. Meriwether Baxter studied philosophy at Yale University before undertaking the practice of law. He and his wife currently live in Wisconsin where they have the opportunity to study closely the ways the rabbit and vice versa. With this publication, he hopes to introduce the gentle wisdom of the Old Rabbit to a wider audience.