Beauty's Time

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Melanie Spears
Musical Arrangements:
Wayne Kington
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Beauty’s Time by Melanie Spears is a gorgeous collection of touching and emotional songs.

A strong singer and melodic songwriter, Melanie’s voice moves effortlessly from sweet and whimsical to soaring and powerful.

Her vocal quality and song-writing style has touches of Suzanne Vega, Jewel and at times Cheryl Crow. Her lyrics take the everyday – a trip on the subway, boiling the kettle, a dog sitting on a rug – to echo deeper themes of passion, love and loss.

For me, the strongest tracks on the album are haunting Where Do the Sailors Go? about a painful love affair, and the epic By Divine Design – which enters the realms of World Music to a crescendo of choir.

The album is beautifully produced by Kamal Engels and features some of the Byron Shire area’s most stand-out musicians.