Meditations channeled to Elisabeth Jensen by the Goddesses Isis and Sekhmet

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Elisabeth Jensen
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These meditations were channeled to Elisabeth Jensen by the Goddesses Isis and Sekhmet and much energy is within these powerful CDs.

In 2003 and 2005 during meditations and initiations in Egypt at the temple of Isis, Elisabeth had many powerful mystical experiences. This is where Elisabeth's amazing system of Isis Lotus Healing was born.

Meditation One: Connect with Isis and initiation into the Isis Healing Energies
Meditation Two: Isis Lotus Healing Meditation
Meditation Three: Karmic Release Meditation

These meditations are infused with Isis Lotus healing Energy to ensure they are a powerful source of healing for you.

Message From Isis

"Greetings and blessings to all who purchase and listen to these CDs. I wish to spread my Healing Blue Light to many to assist in the Return of the Divine Feminine Energy of healing and compassion to all parts of dear Mother Earth.

In ancient Egypt my name was Auset and I was worshiped and honored as the divine mother who provided all, could heal all, and who could magically transform your life in an instant. The knowledge of how to do this was lost, but it is being returned through the Isis Lotus Indigo Blue Healing and the Siriun reconnecting energies. As you listen to these CDs you are receiving healing at such a deep soul level that you may feel emotionally unsettled at times, but know this is true soul level healing and to be expected.

Mostly you will experience great bliss as the Divine Mother enters your life to return you to your original divine blueprint and you become once more a God/dess living upon this earth."

- Isis through Elisabeth Jensen - Adelaide Australia, 27th February 2006.

CD Running Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes