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Carmella Baynie
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Rasa Mandala, an exciting new collaboration, bringing together the talents of Australian kirtan artist Carmella Baynie with renowned instrumentalist Dale Nougher - weaving a rich tapestry of dreamy electronic soundscapes and world grooves with ancient Mantra. Rasa Mandala is laced with inspirational, uplifting anthemic chants, and lush orchestration. Together they have combined with the exceptional mastery of Grammy nominated producer Kamal M. Engels and the result is a fresh exciting new sound in contemporary chant music.

A lustrous and vibrant musical presence, Carmella sings in impassioned and angelic tones. She delivers enchanting melodies in ancient chants. "Beautiful voice! Beautiful spirit!"

"The music on this CD evokes higher realms, the kind frequented by angelic beings and devas. It reaches slightly higher too - to that devotional realm we might actually call home." - Steven J Rosen, author

The Yoga of Kirtan Track List:

  1. Dance of Ecstasy
  2. Divine Love
  3. Gopisvara
  4. Spirit Soul 
  5. Lakshmi Narayana 
  6. Devotion's Goddess
  7. Peace Prayer
  8. Golden Moon

Published - September 2019

1 x CD