Celtic Lenormand

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Written by:
Chloe McCracken
Artwork by:
Will Worthington
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COVR Award for Best Divination Product!

Celtic Lenormand brings elements of nature-based paganism to the traditional Lenormand divination system.

This 45-card deck, with colorful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people cards for nuanced readings. Three different bird cards represent the triple goddess. In-depth descriptions for each card include keywords, divinatory meanings, suggestions for spell use, timing, spiritual messages, dark and light aspects, and affirmations.

The illustrated guidebook also presents interpretations based on the phases of the moon and the Wheel of the Year. It includes card spreads and instructions for several different methods of reading with the Celtic Lenormand deck.

45-card deck with illustrated guidebook.

Boxed set measures - 8.9 x 3.8 x 12.7 cm