Chakra Wisdom Oracle: How to Read the Cards For Yourself and Others

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Tori Hartman

Do you want to take your journey of self-discovery with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards to a new level?

Do you want to start reading for family, friends and Clients?

Or, do you simply not know where to start?

Tori Hartman has written this book for YOU.

Step by step she reveals the secrets of professional card reading with techniques never shared in full before. Let her teach you how to:

*Bypass your logical brain and let your intuition speak
*Reprogram your life through buzzwords
*Heal wounds from your family of origin
*Use brand-new card spreads and create personalised layouts
*Read the cards using Tori's profound 7 aspects method

Built around the 49 mystical fables revealed by angels to Tori Hartman, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle is a uniquely effective divination system that empowers you to seize control of the life-changing you already have within you.

Paperback; 152 pp; 14.5 x 2.5 x 19.8 cm