Paolo Barbieri - Chinese Oracle

Lo Scarabeo

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Artwork by:
Paolo Barbieri
Text by:
Zhong Ling & Liang Qingyun
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Complementing the 2017 release by the same Author about the western Zodiac, Paolo Barbieri brings us into the world of Chinese Astrology, with the 12 Signs based on animals.

His extraordinary art blends to the Yin and the Yang to create 24 cards of great power for exploring and enjoying an alternate view to the Signs and Astrology.

This fascinating oracle includes two 12-card decks with identical images, one with black borders and card backs and the other with white borders and card backs. Working with these cards helps you blend the energy of yin and yang for great power in exploring astrological insights.

24 cards (88 x 125 mm) with instructions 

Multilingual edition

Boxed set measures - 10.16 x 3.18 x 13.97 cm