Arcane Artifacts Deluxe Cleansing Kit

Arcane Artifacts

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Sage cleansing is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for energy cleansing your home. Besides removing negative energy, using sage to cleanse a home helps to neutralize the energy of the space, enhancing your intuition. This helps to relieve your worries, open your mind, clear away negative thoughts and feelings and harmonize the body by releasing the stress of your spirit.

Burn your Sage stick/Palo Santo and let the smoke permeate and cleanse. Waft the sage smoke with a feather so that the smoke cleanses the entire room. When done, snuff out the fire against an abalone shell or fire proof surface, store away and save for later use.

Pack includes:

Sage stick x 1 - Used for healing, energy cleansing, to remove negative energy and ritual ceremonies. Historically, people used sage cleansing on people who were ill, to bring them back from the negative space

Selenite Crystal Wand x 1 - Used to create - Mental Clarity, Psychic, Angels

Palo Santos wood x 2 - a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo tree. When burned, the smoke is believed to have therapeutic healing power. It inspires creativity, clears negative energy and brings love and fortune. Palo Santo benefits include energetic protection, removal of bad energy, uplifting your spirits and filling your home with good fortune and luck.

A small bag of Amber fragments

Black tourmaline crystals x 6

Charcoal tablets x 10