Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone

Arcane Artifacts

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Black Obsidian - naturally occurring from volcanic eruptions and Mama Earth elements connecting. A crystal of silica rich volcanic glass with amazing texture and energy.

Black Obsidian is a stone associated with wizards and magical energies. It has a beautiful mirror like surface which makes scrying by candlelight a perfect choice for psychic openings and connections. It has strong Earth energies keeping us balanced and rooted safely to the ground. Helps replace irritability and restlessness with peace and absorbs negative vibes away.

Black Obsidian is a strong stone, which can help people overcome trauma of sexual abuse and emotional problems from the past or in their present life. It is also great for our pets under their bed it makes them feel less nervous and brings comfort. Metaphysically healing for natural pain relief, improving circulation & recovery after long illness or operation. CHAKRA: Root   ELEMENT: Earth

1 x Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone - approximately 2 - 3 cm

- Presented in an small organza bag