A Shaman Oracle

AGM Urania

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Wulfing von Rohr & Kenneth Estrada
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40 Mythical Soul Images from the Indian Southwest

Path of the Shaman refers to an inner attitude. It requires a naturally attentive yet fully relaxed opening for the wholeness of Life. Let us dive into this spiritual way of being and let us start our personal Vision Quest, our finding and manifesting purpose.

Author and artist convey in sensitive manner many aspects of the background and various accesses to the Path of the Shaman - based on sound mythological, spiritual and historic foundations.

You find out more about the origin and meaning of the 40 symbols and images, you learn about several methods of laying out the cards and interpreting them. And you will read about brief rituals and practical exercises to experience more of the power of these symbols.

40 cards - 70 x 110 mm

180 full colored booklet; spread sheet 43 x 50 cm