Antiquarian Lenormand: Resurrected

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Maree Bento

Third edition with extra significator cards, and now borderless!

The Antiquarian Lenormand: Resurrected deck has been reprinted as a borderless deck with extra cards. This version includes an extra selection of ladies and gentlemen from the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

This deck features handmade collages from antique portraiture and illustrated plates from age-old books. What we have is an elegant antiquarian-style scrapbook with Victorian flair. Every attempt possible was made to locate the finest images to allow for clear, traditional and directional Lenormand readings.

In 2012, Maree Bento created this Lenormand for personal use, and it continues to be a working deck for her! 

► 44 cards   
► 36 traditional Lenormand cards with playing card insets
► 1 bonus card — 0. The Eye
► 8 significator cards of famous people from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
► Borderless
► Pocket/bridge size: 2.25'' × 3.5'' (57mm × 89mm)
► French linen card stock (310gsm)
► Comes in a matte black tin box

44 cards come in a black tin with a folded leaflet.

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