Archangel Light Codes Oracle Cards

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Lee-anne Caulkett
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First Edition

Love connecting with Angels?

Ready to connect with the Archangels in a new and powerful way?

Then this is the deck for you!

Introducing the Archangel Light Codes into your spiritual practice supports your connection to the Divine, actively engaging you with your inner "true" self. Rather than seeing the angels as separate from yourself and calling them to help you, these codes activate your connection with the Archangels and awaken your energetic memory of your Angelic Being. The power of the Archangels lies dormant in your energy field, and awakening this creates a foundational step toward spiritual growth and consciousness.

By incorporating the codes into your practice, you may experience and manifest more of the Archangels' positive qualities, such as spiritual attunement, love, joy, inner knowing, surrender, and connection.

This deck is about personal and spiritual growth through the power of self-reflection. The Archangels were insistent that these codes are unique to each user; therefore, the message is a trigger for your understanding. Allow each code to awaken hidden depths of yourself and give you new guidance and knowledge in each reading and use. This deck will evolve and grow with you; the more you connect and use it, the deeper your journey will be

Gold foil detailing on each card, booklet and box.

Gold card edging with anti-scratch matte lamination finish.

Published - 2018

44 cards & guide book

Card size - 126 x 87 mm