Blue Angel Oracle - New Earth Edition

Blue Angel Publishing

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From the Illuminating World of:
Toni Carmine Salerno
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Archangel Michael is here as your loving protector and guide. Journey with his presence to experience pathways of light and know the sacred space within your heart that connects you with eternal wisdom.

This sublime oracle brings you to truth through the compassion and strength of the Blue Angel. The messages and imagery, both ethereal and familiar, embody and encourage the wonder of collaboration between you and the great unknowable creative intelligence of the Universe.

Answer your questions, doubts, challenges and curiosities with innovation, bliss and profound insight to go beyond all you currently see and dare to believe. Discover the immortal you and experience your world anew with Blue Angel Oracle.

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Published - May 2023

45 Transcendent Cards + 80-page full-colour guidebook. Gold-foil lettering on cover.

Packaged in a hardcover box: 125 x 170 x 31 mm