Bohemian Gothic Tarot - 4th edition, Full Sized Guidebook & Queen of Swords Limited Ed. Tarot Bag

Baba Studio

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Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov
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The Bohemiam Gothic Tarot Deck, Book & Queen of Swords Limited Ed. Tarot Bag 

The Deck

This cult deck is a deeply atmospheric set of cards that's steeped in the dark romanticism of Victorian Gothic fantasy.  The imagery doesn't follow any stories exactly, instead it's designed to be evocative of the work of Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, Sheridan Le Fanu, Mary Shelley, M. R. James, Henry James, Robert Louis Stevenson and their contemporaries. 

When you use these cards, we leave you to imagine your own eerie and mysterious stories - if you dare!

  • 79 fully-illustrated cards (including title card).
  • Many changes from the earlier editions - these vary from slight alterations of colour to extensive reimagining of imagery.
  • Generous card size - 12.8 x 7.8 cm (a little over 5.3 inches)
  • Cards are printed on high quality 330 grm playing card stock with an inner carbon layer.  This protects against bends & tears.
  • All cards are cold-stamped.  
  • The card back is cold-stamped & looks quite spectacular.
  • This standard edition comes in a stained wooden box with a silver title & graphics.  These boxes are made specially for BabaBarock in Czech Republic.  Please note - In Europe there are now no supplies of birch from Russia, the alternative birch wood used in this box may show some grain & knots.
  • Instruction booklet is included.

The Guidebook

new & revised version of the companion book to the fourth edition of The Bohemian Gothic Tarot.

  • A comprehensive companion/guidebook well-illlustrated with colour illustrations. (Updated to show the change made for the fourth edition)
  • Detailed information, written by one of the creators of the deck, Karen Mahony.
  • Paperback book with approximately 224 pp. with coloured illustrations
  • Includes keywords & descriptions for each card.
  • Special "Bohemian Gothic" meanings are included, to add new possibilities to the interpretations.
  • With a general introduction & discussion about significant aspects of the deck.

The Tarot Bag - The Queen of Swords - limited edition in red silk velvet.

A wonderfully evocative print from BabaBarock's Bohemian Gothic Tarot.

This bag features a beautifully printed satin front with a rich red silk velvet. This is a limited edition bag, hand sewn by on of BabaBarock's seamstresses.

  • Light padding for a little extra protection
  • Side "BabaBarock limited edition" tag in gold & red for a touch of added cache.
  • Fully lined in a toning silk-mix fabric for a little extra touch of luxury.
  • Chunky Czech glass bead finials on the double-drawstring cords.
  • Metallic decorative stitching on the bag top.
  • The bag can be used for your tarot, oracle or playing cards, as a gift bag, jewellery holder, cosmetics, "odds & ends" or simply hung as a decoration.
  • Printed individually - By BabaBarock

79 cards in Wooden box with instruction booklet, 1 x Paperback Full-Sized Guidebook & 1 x The Queen of Swords - limited edition Tarot Bag.

Boxed set measures approximately - 14.2 x 9.2 x 5 cm