Darkside Skeleton Tarot Deck - Foil Edition

da brigh

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Yury Skorohod
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Get your messages from the Darkside Skeleton Tarot by Yury Skorohod. This astounding deck has been drawn using stippling/pointillism, a drawing technique in which areas of light and shadow are created using nothing but dots.

This version of the deck has silver foil in place of the white spaces. If you love the foil look, then this version of the deck is for you!

Mirroring the tarot story first drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, the Darkside Skeleton Tarot captures the Fool's journey as a skeleton in a skeleton world. This deck is perfect for the tarot enthusiast, collector, or professional.

An excellent beginner or professional deck!

78 Hand Drawn Tarot Cards - with silver foil & Guidebook presented in a sturdy box.

Boxed set measures approximately - 13.5 x 8 x 4 cm