De La Nuit Lenormand Oracle

Lo Scarabeo

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Text by:
Carole-Anne Eschenazi
Art by:
Alexandra V. Bach
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After De La Nuit Tarot and De La Nuit Oracle, here is another masterpiece by Carole-Anne Eschenazi and Alexandra V. Bach: De La Nuit Lenormand.  

De La Nuit Lenormand combines the elegant beauty of the De La Nuit line with the profound symbolism of the traditional French oracle to create a stylish and sophisticated deck. Bathed in moonlight and radiating with exquisite detail and poise, every card of this Lenormand deck is a wonder.

Renowned French illustrator Alexandra V. Bach's illustrations invite you on a transformative journey through the night.  Dark wisdom is illuminated as the cards speak to one another, weaving stories and providing the answers to questions about love, money, and more.

Published - November 2023

36 cards, 88x125 mm & guidebook. Multilingual edition

Boxed deck measures approximately - 7.98 x 4.19 x 13.08 cm