Divine Muses Oracle - 2nd Edition

Divine Muses

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Maree Bento

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The 2nd edition oracle cards are HERE and available for you to buy now. The oracle deck now comes in a magnetic flip box. There are a few changes, two new cards, and updated companion guidebook. 

Nominated for Outstanding Artistic Achievement in the 2020 CARTA Awards by the International Tarot Foundation.
The Divine Muses Oracle set seeks to explore creativity, mysticism, and healing using the archetypal forces found in alchemy, magic, and mythology to support insight, self-realization, and transformation.
These cards help to unlock creative, psychic, and spiritual potential; and invite us to examine our Shadow and unearth our Essence. With this oracle deck, the author, Maree Bento, wanted to explore the various magical, creative, and healing archetypal influences. Maree was drawn to the idea of developing an oracle deck free from the structure of the Tarot or Lenormand. Maree uses both of these systems in her divination work, but asked herself what would happen if I opened myself to whatever archetypal forces came to me?
Well, a structure for the oracle began to unveil itself to her. A synergy of divinatory pathways took shape; multiple voices in concert, calling out universal truths. Archetypes occasionally merging as Maree channeled the artwork, other cards inspiring and begetting others. Two years later, her third deck was birthed; an oracle deck that could be a divine prompt for Maree's intuitive, creative, and spiritual practice, with great potential to be a mystical toolkit for others.
Maree's intention for the purpose of this oracle is to help one:
  • Increase psychic, creative, and spiritual potential
  • Harness magical insight and personal empowerment
  • Identify and understand one's path and its cycles of growth and transformation
  • Better understand the self and others through observing the archetypes in the world, inside and out 
  • Recognize and connect with the shadow aspect of each archetype, honoring one's shadow work

The Cards -

  • Second edition with two new cards, 55 cards total 
  • Featuring mixed media collages with antique imagery
  • Multi-ethnicity deck, ideal for working with the global ancestors 
  • Borderless & reversible backs
  • Standard tarot size: 2.75'' × 4.75'' (70mm × 120mm) 
  • 350gsm matte linen card stock 350gsm
  • Deck now comes in a magnetic flip box

​The Comprehensive 276 page companion guidebook includes:

  • Keywords for each card 
  • Exploration of the "Essence" of each card
  • "Shadow" (reversed card) definitions
  • Grayscale Image of each card included
  • How to read and use the oracle
  • Spread & layout suggestions
  • Book size: 4.25" × 7" × .5" (108mm×178mm×13mm)

Archetypal Energies Explored:

  • Animals in Alchemy help guide inner and spiritual work, and represent the steps to becoming aware of oneself for personal growth and self-realization. Reflect Carl G. Jung's Individuation Process, which was inspired by alchemy!
  • The Muses channel creative inspiration and are based on the nine Greek Muses. Included is a tenth Muse, the Muse of Art, which features Frida Kahlo, Maree’s muse for the piece!
  • Four Elemental Spirits: Work with the four mystical Elementals, or Spirits, which represent the four suits of the Tarot and the four directions of magic.
  • And, other mystical creatures, magical influences & divine prompts that guide one to hone psychic wisdom and intuitive skill through archetypal examination.

About the Author - Maree Bento has been a practitioner of the mystical and healing arts for almost 20 years. She is the creator and author of five self-published decks and books through her Divine Muses site: the Antiquarian Lenormand (2013), Antiquarian Tarot (2014), Antiquarian Tarot Companion Guidebook (2016), Divine Muses Oracle & Companion Guidebook (2019), and the Lua Tarot and Lua Lenormand (2020).

Maree offers tarot, Lenormand, and astrology readings online and in person, as well as mentorships and consultations.  She’s been a licensed bodyworker for 18 years, but is not currently practicing. Her background in the healing arts inspires her present approach to tarot, creativity, ritual, and divination. Her career as a healing professional focused on massage therapy, energy work, and yoga philosophy—holistic mediums for body, mind, and spiritual well-being and connection.  Maree offers tarot, Lenormand and astrology readings online and in person, as well as mentorships and consultations.

55 cards & full-size guidebook in a magnetic flip box

Click this link to go to the Divine Muses official webpage.