Faery Temple Oracle

Blue Angel Publishing

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Suzy Cherub
Artwork by:
Christine Karron
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Wisdom and Wonder to Empower Your Faery Spirit

With a sprinkle of possibility, a shimmer of starshine and a whisper of wonder, faery magic is ready to ripple through your world, clearing pathways, releasing limitation and imbuing your heart with clarity, purpose and understanding.

Earthy, visionary and resourceful, the faeries are wise and fearless companions. This gorgeous 44-card set is a portal into their enchanting world of inspiration, insight and delight. Seek answers and discover a sanctuary where wisdom is packaged with joy, love and fortuitous opportunity. The spirited imagery and salient messages from faery sages will help you work with the elements to attract blessings, synchronicity and fulfilment in all realms of your life.

“'Faery Temple Oracle' is a mystical wonderland for anyone seeking true guidance, heart healing and a rewilding to the quest of authenticity.” — Suzy Cherub

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44 cards and 120-page guidebook in a hardcover box.