Ferenc Pinter Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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Art by:
Ferenc Pintér
Charles Harrington & Pietro Alligo,
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There may not be many who know the name of Ferenc Pinter. However, that is bound to change as soon as people have seen this Tarot deck. It is a deck that goes beyond the limits of reality, that crosses the boundary between what is subjective and what is only imaginary.

It is a journey into the perfection of art, into a sea of ​​mysteries and into our personal intuition. These Tarot cards are a masterpiece that must be savored, not just consumed.

With majors created by the world-famous painter Ferenc Pinter and minors brilliantly compiled from Pinter's vast body of work, this new deck is the definitive Pinter tarot.

The Borderless cards are a perfect showcase for Pinter's imaginative, expressive style. With impeccable color reproduction, nuanced shading, and finely realized details, this edition cleverly synthesizes Pinter's vision with ancient universal archetypal energies.

About the Author/s:  Ferenc Pinter (1931 – 2008) was a Hungarian-Italian artist most known for the cover illustrations he created for the Italian book publisher Mondadori. Lo Scarabeo originally commissioned Pinter to paint the tarot deck majors more than thirty years ago.

Pietro Alligo is a fine-artist based in Italy.

Charles Harrington (Walnut Creek, CA) is a tarot expert based in California. He has been reading tarot professionally for several decades and is known for empowering, conversational, and solution-oriented readings.

Published - August 2021

78 cards, 70x120 mm, in a hard case box, with Instructions
 - Multilingual edition.