Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards

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Swan Treasure
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The Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards were brought to life through a special technique called touch-drawing. The 44 cards depict nature spirits and elemental beings and function as energy activators. Through their messages and energies, the cards offer support, companionship, and practical guidance that can be applied to the challenges of daily life.

• Includes 44 touch-drawing cards depicting spirit beings, for energy activation

• Contains a booklet with messages from the nature spirits of each card to guide and inspire integrity, dignity, harmony, and co-creation with nature

• For each card, shares a spiritual practice to connect and align with the timeless wisdom and wonder of the unseen realms and to reclaim wholeness

The Findhorn community has cultivated a loving partnership with the subtle realms since its very beginning when one of the founders, Dorothy Maclean (1920-2020), began communicating with the devic world in the original Findhorn gardens. Following this lineage of communication with nature and the elemental beings, the Findhorn Spirit Oracle Cards were brought to life in the Findhorn gardens and sanctuaries through a special technique called touch-drawing. In a meditative state, artist Swan Treasure simply allowed the images to appear from her hands onto paper, trusting the powerful energy that asked to be made visible. It was only once all 44 of the touch-drawings were done that their purpose as an elemental-inspired oracle deck became evident.

Each card depicts a spirit being as they chose to reveal themselves, in order to pass on wisdom to help us navigate these times of transition. The cards function as energy activators and, through their messages and energies, offer support, companionship, and practical guidance that can be applied to the challenges of daily life. They can also assist us in establishing and deepening a partnership with the divine. Divided into 6 groups following the directions of the medicine wheel, the cards share the community principles of co-creation with nature, inner listening, and love in action that inspire life in Findhorn.

A longer message connected to the essence of the elemental depicted can be found in the accompanying booklet. It also offers a suggestion for a spiritual practice to open communication and engage more deeply with the nature spirits. The cards call us to express a greater sensitivity toward all creation; to slow down, open our hearts, and fine-tune our perceptions to retrace our steps to a more authentic, alive, and lighter living on this planet. A potent tool for fine-tuning our intuitive senses as well as for self-discovery and healing, this deck is your invitation to reclaim wholeness and open to co-creation with the subtle realms.

May it bring joy and light to your path.

Published - March 1, 2022

44 full-color cards & 160-page booklet

Boxed set measures approximately - 14 x 10 x 3 cm