Folk Cards of Destiny

Lo Scarabeo

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Pierluca Zizzi
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Harkening back to an era when divination was conducted with playing cards, the Folk Cards of Destiny is sure to occupy a unique and privileged position in any collection.

Reflecting the whimsical, everyday scenes and motifs found on some of these early divination cards, this deck provides a fascinating reading experience. The artwork brings a deep sense of imagination and nostalgia for a style of divinatory reflection that may just open a new chapter in your own contemporary spiritual quest.

Discover ancient fortune telling, from the times when people used to practice divination using playing cards. Sometimes they were ordinary playing cards, while other times they were extraordinary decks, illustrated with scenes from everyday life, such as the Popular Cards of Destiny. The original deck, from the end of the eighteenth century, is by the renowned printer Dondorf.

Dondorf  - Frankfurt, 1870 CA.

Published - October 2021

36 cards with instructions

Boxed set measures approximately - 11.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm