Golden Keys of Gaia

Blue Angel Publishing

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Vanessa Tait
Artwork by:
Hannah Adamaszek
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Oracle of Elemental Wisdom

Unlock the wisdom of the Golden Keys of Gaia, an oracle for a profound connection with Mother Earth. Drawing from Indigenous ecology, earth-based spirituality, and Tibetan wisdom, it guides inner harmony and vision manifestation.

This deck is a voice of our ancestors, reminding us of our sacred partnership with Earth. The oracle illuminates paths to discovering the Golden Keys, fostering a deeper connection with yourself, nature, and the world soul. Explore teachings that have stood the test of time, guiding you to meet the world as our ancestors once did.

May it open your heart and mind more to meet with closer connectedness to yourself, with nature and the anima mundi — the world soul. Embrace this oracle for personal growth, spiritual insight, and rekindling your profound connection with Gaia, our Great Mother Earth.

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Published - May 2024

50 cards & 208pp. full colour guidebook

Featuring - Navy foil on top box.

Boxed set measures - 16.7 x 12.5 x 4 cm