Grunge Tarot


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Francesca Matteoni
Illustrations by:
Andrea Moresco
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A highly symbolic deck born in the Grunge music subculture, the Grunge Tarot is an adventure that crosses the mysterious world of archetypes to arrive at the heart of the 1990s and grunge.

Starting from grunge, this deck of cards aims to recreate the atmosphere and the impact of great rock stars as the restlessness of an era, highlighting the search for identity among extremes.

It is the dreamy and transgressive imagination of the Fool that begins every path, ready to lose himself or be redeemed.

A grain of truth can exist anywhere, even in the pockets of an old checkered shirt, backstage at a concert, or in the doubts and vulnerability of adolescence.

Published - November 2021

78 cards & guidebook in a hard box with lift off lid.