Higher Samskara - Positivity Cards

Imprints of the Journey

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Dorota Rutkowska
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Higher Samskaras are concepts of high vibrations that form energetic imprints in our psyche. They help us create a positivity habit, build new pathways in our brain and release emotional blockages. Each card contains on the back a brief explanation of the concept, a section for our heart and mind, and an affirmation.

The cards have been created in Canada and printed in Italy by a solar-powered company using food-grade inks. Higher Samskara cards are 3.5″x 5″, have been printed on 330 gsm satin smooth, casino-quality paper. The cards have been varnished for easy shuffling and are tear and damage resistant.

Each deck contains 42 Higher Samskara cards and 3 instruction cards: a blue one with the list of all Higher Samskaras, a yellow one with the introduction to the concept of Samskaras, and a purple one with suggestions for use.

This deck can be used for meditation, mindfulness, inspiration, spiritual awakening, journal writing, healing, personal growth or as oracle cards.

Each deck has been individually smudged.

41 Shadow Samskara cards and 3 instruction cards

Packaged in a blue or purple cotton mini tote bag with velcro closure 

Cards measure approximately - 8.89 x 12.7 cm 

Imported directly from the Creator in Canada