Inspirational Visions Oracle Cards


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Judy Mastrangelo
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Do you have hidden wishes and desires that have been elusive since your youth? 

Now there is an inspirational oracle that will take you on an exciting adventure of self-discovery and enlightenment! 

Explore your unique gifts through 50 stunning oracle cards and a quick-and-easy guidebook with whimsical messages that will help you enhance your life and express your deepest feelings.

Create a “Mind Painting” of your ideal self

  • someone who you would like to become
  • then ascend to unbelievable heights by developing your imagination.

Talented people throughout the ages great thinkers, authors, poets, painters, and composers have shared wonderful creations with humankind, and you can too by developing the innate talents that slumber deep within your Soul.

This is the place of wizards, magic, and fairies!

Prepare to be inspired!

Includes 50 art cards and full-color guidebook.

Set measures approximately -  13.34 x 4.45 x 15.24 cm