Knights Templar Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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With breathtaking religious imagery and spiritual energy, this tarot deck uses the power of the Knights Templar to invigorate your readings. The Templars set forth on their crusade with conviction and grace, and they encourage you to do the same as you work toward your goals. 

That of the Templars was a mystical search, which led from the material to the spiritual plane. Each Templar Knight was both a warrior and a monk. The first fought to protect the faithful, the second studied and prayed to go deeper into the mysteries of the Divine. Their secrets do not belong to the sands of time, but rather to the Tarot. This deck is a journey both symbolic and historical, full of references that only intuition can grasp.

This captivating, Rider-Waite-based deck is bursting with strength, faith, and wisdom–a worthy addition to your collection.

Published - May 2022
78 cards, 65x118 mm, with instructions. 
Multilingual edition