Little Wings Collection Guidance Oracle Cards (Grey Organza Bag)

Little Wings Collection

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Sonja Kallio
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Playful, welcoming and whimsical the Little Wings Oracle offers honest, helpful advice for you to grow and let go of negative thought patterns.

The Oracle Set is suitable if your’e a beginner, and an advanced oracle card reader, whether you use them on yourself or with clients and in group workshops.  The messages are insightful and positive, making them an enormous help when you’re feeling down. 

Trusted to deliver right on target readings, and to meet you at the heart of the matter, the Little Wings Guidance Oracle Cards are a delightful, ethereal inspired treasure and a reliable source of guidance.

Little Wings portray a collection of Galactic Star Beings, illustrated by fantasy artist Sonja Kallio, delivering messages of the Heart through an exclusive range of inspirational gift items. 

About the art - The first of the Little Wings series of drawings is ‘Innocence’, created in year 2000 using pencil, pen and black ink. “The characters ‘arrived’ on my paper, each delivering a different message of guidance and insight on the path of personal inner growth. Curiously, I kept drawing, and for 10 years the Star Beings, and their messages, continued unfolding”.  Sonja 

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52 cards & book set, presented in a grey organza bag