Lustrous Lenormand Set


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Artwork by:
Ciro Marchetti
Companion book by:
Toni Savory
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Bask in the Radiance of Marchetti's Lenormand

Bursting with exquisite color and detail, this forty-seven-card deck will answer all your questions and inspire your practice. Lustrous Lenormand is faithful to traditional card imagery, but each one is emboldened by Ciro Marchetti's award-winning style.

In addition to old favorites like Rider, Ship, and Bear, you'll also find eleven new and reimagined cards that provide additional perspective, context, and clarity. Bridge suggests a more direct connection between cards, Well asks you to dig into the deeper significance of a reading, and Masks indicates you may need to act outside your usual self.

Featuring a companion book by Toni Savory, this deck helps you go further than ever with your divination.

Published - January 2023

47 Card Deck & 208 pp. Full Colour Book.

Boxed set measures approximately - 14.45 x 5.31 x 21.44 cm