Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards

Animal Dreaming Publishing

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Written by:
Lida Barmala
Original photographs by:
Lida Barmala
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The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards were created with the intention of helping you to remember your true self.

These cards were designed to offer help and healing, by revealing the secrets of Ancient Egypt to you. Travel through ancient times and experience healings in sacred temples, or sit with gods and goddesses and receive their wisdom. When using these cards, you will see, feel and even hear life as it happened in ancient Egypt, especially when you open your heart and mind to the possibility.

The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards will reveal the mysteries and the unknown that so often cause blocks, confusion and distraction. Inspired by memories of past lives and life experience in the arena of spiritual archaeology, the cards will become a vessel through which you will learn to connect with the Spirit of Ancient Egypt.

The images featured on The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards, photographed by the author herself, radiate the pure magical energy of Egypt. Lida Barmala is a spiritual archaeologist, and she is honoured to invite you to find yourself by immersing yourself in the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Release date - July 2022

45 gold gilt cards with 120 page guidebook

Box dimensions - 160mm x 125mm