Norse Goddess Rune Oracle

Blue Angel Publishing

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Rebecca Joy Stark
Artwork by:
Sharon McLeod
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Divine Feminine Perspectives on the Elder Futhark

Drawing from an ancient well of women’s wisdom, this symbol-enriched oracle brings the power of the Norse Goddesses into the light and makes the mysterious art of rune divination accessible for all.

The imagery and messaging of this exquisitely crafted set are infused with Old Norse concepts, deities, sagas, iconography and lore.

Each card holds its own rune spirit, is empowered by a Goddess and has red edges to help activate its magick.

A beautiful journey through the archaeological, mythical and esoteric wonders of the Elder Futhark for relatable, supportive guidance that speaks to the core of your questioning and delivers immediate, practical answers of fate and fortune.

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Published - October 2023

39 cards - with red-painted edges (85 x 139 mm) & 160pp. full colour guidebook

Boxed set measures approximately - 17 x 12.5 x 3.5 cm