Pain to Purpose - Healing Oracle

Peace. Love. Light.

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Antoinette Thompson
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The Pain to Purpose Healing Oracle is an Intuitive Healer’s personal collection of 55 self-help relatable challenges and triumphs to support and empower all towards a life of authenticity and higher purpose through Healing.

You are invited to engage in a journey of self-discovery in order to activate your own healing and transformation.

To expand your heart and embrace your duality to find balance through the activation of your own healing towards your ultimate self-mastery.

Each card offers a gentle invitation to allow yourself to venture deep within the shadows of your true essence. To learn, to embrace and nurture your challenges, patterns and any limiting beliefs, and to recognise the blessing that life experience brings.

“ I believe, with love and guidance, we can build inner, solid foundations that lead you to personal transformation” - “Pain to Purpose” Antoinette

55 cards with guidebook

Boxed deck measures approximately - 16 x 11 x 4 cm