Rare & Magnificent Creatures Tarot Deck: Luna Edition

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Daisy Kelly
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78 card Rare & Magnificent Creatures Tarot Deck: Luna Edition.

Inspired by love and connection to the moon, the Luna edition of the deck channels this energy into your readings. Featuring luminous gold artwork on artisan quality black card, this edition helps connect your intuition to the cosmos through carrying the energy of the night.

The Rare & Magnificent Creatures tarot deck draws on the beauty & majesty of nature while celebrating the many incredible species with which we share the earth. Each card features a critically endangered or endangered animal from around the globe.

Sadly, so many of these beautiful animals are under threat from human activity. There are 41,415 species on the ICUN Red List, with 16,306 classed as endangered and facing extinction.  The Rare & Magnificent Creatures Tarot features 78 of these incredible animals, printed on FSC certified cardstock & using renewable energy.

Combining,  Daisy Kelly's love of nature & tarot, the deck features shimmering artwork of each species in luminous gold. Each creature corresponds to the traditional Rider Waite deck symbolising the meaning of the card. 

The Rare & Magnificent Creatures Tarot was created to raise awareness for the creatures that call our planet home and strengthen a connection to the natural world. 

Printed in Italy on superfine white card stock and featuring artwork in luminous gold foil, each deck is housed in a two-piece foil-stamped box.

The deck is printed using renewable energy, and from a supplier using sustainable printing techniques.

- 100% solar energy
- 100% recyclable CE certified papers
- food grade inks for printing

Self-Published - 2021

78 Card Tarot Deck & matching cloth bag

The cards measure 2.75 x 4.75 in the standard tarot sizing. 

Available in Luna or Sunseeker edition