Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle

Mystic Starlux

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Kelly Isara
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Old fashioned romantic love messages.

A time when courtship was an art form, with patience and time, the key in developing deep love & understanding.

Just about all of the cards have a symbol of a teacup, blended into the image. Since tea and romance are such a great companion to old fashioned love.

Messages such as:

  • Heartfelt moments
  • High tea
  • Sunday afternoon
  • Suitors
  • Courtship
  • Lady
  • and so many more.

Soft and gentle love inspirations bringing wisdom that comes from preparing and sitting with a cup of tea.  Whether with dear friends of joy and laughter or just quiet solitudeThe Romantic Teacup Wisdom Oracle will bring gentle yet insightful messages you ask about your love life.

This deck is suitable for all stages of love whether single, apart or together.

True wisdom for real romance friendship and courtship.

There are only about 4 cards that are of 'negative'/challenging messages, this was not intentional, i only after completion it was noticed.

So if you are looking for a deck with more uplifting hopeful messages and only few negative cards then this deck is for you.

Vintage Romance sweet sensitive guidance on love, feelings and guidance needed for matters of the heart. 

First Printed in 2015 
Redesigned and repackaged in 2022
Deck Details 
  • 44 Oracle cards
  • 350 GSM cards  Gloss finish
  • Locally Printed in Australia 


  • Hard Top and bottom lid


  • 6 x 4 inch size, 50 pages  easy layout for each card
  • Extended card meanings and keywords for cards.
  • Examples of how the cards may be relevant along with alternate interpret card meaning.
  • Some suggested combination meanings.