Sacred Light Oracle


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Anna Stark
Illustrated by:
Selena Moon
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Ascension Cards for the Spiritual Seeker

Sacred Light Oracle comprises 36 cards that blend messages from the ascended masters and spiritual hierarchy.

Each card has an associated ascension master, crystal and affirmation that are aligned to connect you to higher levels of light frequency. The oracle offers you the knowledge and wisdom to lovingly raise your personal vibration to support your divine presence here on earth.

The cards are infused with crystalline energy, combining the healing frequencies of sacred geometry and powerful light energy to support your personal growth and spiritual practice. Access the light realms to expand your consciousness to receive direct messages from your ascension guides and celestial teachers with love, compassion and understanding.

The spiritual hierarchy will encourage you to rediscover your innate relationship with the universe. With loving affirmations, sacred crystals and messages from the masters, your inner knowing will be awakened with peace and clarity as you walk the mystical path of spiritual ascension.

How to Use the Sacred Light Oracle cardsAny divinatory or healing tool you use is an energetic extension of yourself. The Sacred Light Oracle has been lovingly created to encourage your natural intuition, support your self-awareness, compliment self-healing and guide your spirit towards ascension. You will also find ascension masters and crystal associations to support your energy and spiritual work. The cards can be used in a traditional oracle or tarot reading format in simple or elaborate spreads to answer specific questions or give deep insight. Use the cards as spiritual prompts to grow your intuitive skills and give detailed readings.

You may find meaning in hidden symbols, colours, astrological influences, shapes and numbers within these cards. Let yourself be guided by these messages from your angels, guides and consciousness helpers to deliver a personalised message about the subject, issue or experience you are seeking guidance on.

About the Author - Anna is a spiritual practitioner and teacher who guides her students in understanding ancient systems of psychic healing and wisdom through elemental, angelic and galactic realms. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Sociology and is trained in Kinesiology, Usui Reiki, Seichem and Angelic Reiki Healing. A traditional oracle card reader and energy healer, Anna travels extensively sharing her work through teaching workshops and courses, aiming to create powerful changes to her students with sacred influences of esoteric healing, guided by the foundation of the Sacred Power Reading Cards. Located in Griffith, NSW.

About the Illustrator -Hailing from Sweden and currently living in Sydney, Australia, Selena Moon has been interested in art, drawing and computers since childhood, and any free subject choices in school always tended towards the creative ones. She has had her own design studio and years of experience with freelance design work that evolved to include illustrations and digital art. Selena now has an established and successful career as a graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist in both Sweden and Australia. Her art is a mix of simplicity and bold, colourful pieces. She finds inspiration for her art from various avenues and likes to explore new fields so she doesn't get bound by the same style or technique, utilising her many skills in combination to create unique pieces. As evidenced by this deck, the artworks are an amalgam of digital collage, digital line art and hand-drawn illustrations. Selena loves nature and, as an immigrant to Australia, finds the surroundings very beautiful and draws inspiration from them. One of the first artworks she created and sold when she came to Australia five years ago was a series of hand-drawn native Australian flowers.
Published - June 2021
36 cards & 96 pp. guidebook in a hardcase box.
Boxed deck measures approximately - 10.3 x 2.8 x 14 cm