Soul Expression Oracle Cards

Animal Dreaming Publishing

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Robyn Ridley
Illustrated by:
Belinda Lansdell
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Embrace the feminine and uncover the unfolding mystery that is you.

The Soul Expression Oracle Cards reflect you, and through the mirroring of their wisdom you are offered the opportunity to honour and nurture each and every aspect of yourself.

Each insight and spark of wisdom revealed will assist you to reawaken who you truly are. You will feel a deeper peace and expansion, move into the right relationship with yourself and recognise your unlimited potential.

As you reflect on the inspirational guidance provided by Robyn Ridley and allow the captivating artwork of Belinda Lansdell to speak to you and your inner self through the Soul Expression Oracle Cards, you will be transported to the place where you hear the whisperings of your soul.

49 cards - 140 x 96 mm & 64 pp. guidebook presented in a Hard Case Box 

Box measures approximately - 170 x 125 x 4 mm

Published - June 2021