Symbolic Tarot of Wirth

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Oswald Wirth
Mirko Negri & Bruno Letizia
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The original Wirth Tarot was a deck of majors based on the Marseille Tarot, but with the addition of many more overt occult symbols. The Symbolic Tarot of Wirth completes Wirth's original project with the addition of a carefully researched and compiled lower arcana that completes Wirth's occult system of Tetrads. 

Oswald Wirth is the last and greatest author of the "French School" of Tarot. More than any other deck, the Wirth Tarot expresses the powerful symbolic and esoteric depth of each Arcanum - even the Minor ones - through the Tetrad system, conceived by Wirth himself and studied by the Italian scholar Mirko Negri.

This beautiful deck is a treasure for readers and collectors alike. It is printed in five colors; the fifth color is a special golden hue that gives the cards a truly unique visual essence.

Published - June 2021

78 cards, 66x120 mm.
Instructions. Multilingual edition.