Tarot of the Nile

da brigh

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da brigh
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The Tarot of the Nile takes you to Ancient Egypt, with glorious pictures of sphinxes, pharaohs, and mummies. 

The Tarot of the Nile brings you back to ancient Egypt. In pharaonic Egyptian art, it is characteristic to show only the profile of the face and the feet, while showing the body as completely as possible. Our artist paid homage to this style of art by illustrating the figures this way, and by also showing other Egyptian themes throughout the cards, such as pharaohs, sphinxes, mummies.

Each suit has its own color theme: The Major Arcana is a dusty blue; Wands a deep indigo; Cups a pine green; Swords a golden hue; and Pentacles a vibrant red.

Quirky take on Ancient Egypt from our artist Uros Pajic.

78 cards with guidebook.

Cards Printed on heavy card stock with a linen finish.

By Da Brigh  - ("duh-br-EYE") a brand of Tarot cards which brings beautiful art to your divination table.

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