Terra Qi Goddess Oracle

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Terra Qi - translates to ‘earth energy’. 
Terra Qi Goddess Oracle is a celebration of Feminine Divinity alchemised with the majesty of planet Earth and Empyrean Ethereal planes.
Terra Qi Goddess Oracle are based around goddesses and their messages, strengths and lessons. The collective feminine energy has been upgraded and re-discovered. Recognise the immense power that lies within you...The sacred, ancient power that has been passed down to you through your ancestors' lifetimes

Align with the spirit of the goddess, and reconnect with the sacred energies of the divine feminine.  Feel the ancient power and wisdom rising within you, strengthening your intuitive harmony with universal consciousness.

The spirit of the goddess resides within each of us. These cards have been created to illuminate the path towards collective soul activation and bring forth feminine empowerment, transformation and healing.

These cards are a tool for you to align energetically with source and receive guidance, in a form your soul responds best. 

Unboxing by dailytarotgirl.com

44 card oracle deck, with gold foil highlights (cards & box), & guidebook

Vibrant high frequency artwork and a soft velvet laminate finish.

Magnetically sealed Boxed Set measures approximately - 14.5 x 11 x 3 cm 

Please note - Terra QI goddess oracle is a cards & book set - any other items pictured are not included