The Aleister Crowley Tarot Book & Card Deck

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Mogg Morgan & Tania Ahsan
Artwork by:
Paula Zorite
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This unique book-and-cards kit contains a full set of Tarot cards with wonderful, full-colour, specially created artworks by Paula Zorite that illustrate the major and minor arcana as described in Aleister Crowley's work on the Egyptian Tarot, The Book of Thoth.

The accompanying book contains a breakdown of what the cards are and what they can symbolise, together with explanations of how to do different spreads that will enable the user to consider important questions about their life and personal circumstances as well as their future.

Both the book and the cards are contained in a beautifully designed box that will become a treasured possession.

About the Author/s - Mogg Morgan is publisher at Mandrake of Oxford, responsible for the discovery of many authors, including his friend and onetime mentor Jan Fries. He is a practitioner-cum-scholar of all aspects of occultism. A Wellcome research student at Oxford, one of his teachers was the late Professor B K Matilal, a widely respected expert on South Asian thought. Over the years he has been exploring the connections between the popular magick of ancient Egypt and its continuation/crossover with the living magical traditions of the middle East, and the Kaula/witchcraft of south Asia and beyond. He is author of Egyptian Magick: A Spirited Guide and Aleister Crowley, Thelemic Magick.

Tania Ahsan has written for a variety of publications on occult subjects, as well as giving talks at events such as The Pagan Federation conference and Pendle Witch Camp. She is the former editor of astrology and occult magazine Prediction and also edited Kindred Spirit magazine. She has a lifelong interest in spiritual topics. She is author of Protection Charms, Everyday Calming Rituals and The Astrological Tarot. She has previously ghostwritten, edited and consulted on many famous tarot decks. She can be found online at

Paula Zorite is a digital artist based in Valencia, Spain. She developed an interest in drawing at a very young age, spending much of her free time painting and creating characters. It was during her time studying Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia that she discovered her passion for digital illustration. Since then, she has participated in exhibitions, art events and taught drawing classes. A versatile artist, Paula has worked with a variety of authors, publishers and companies creating vivid illustrations, book covers, logos and characters. Her style is characterised by a rich and harmonious use of colours and her strong sense of narrative.

Published - April 2023

78 card tarot deck & 128pp. guidebook

Boxed set measures approximately - 18.8 x 12 x 6 cm