The Angels Tarot

da brigh

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Created by:
Kate Kalmykova
Text compiled by:
Brian Wenger
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Ethereal and whimsical, the Angels Tarot, will surely bring a sense of wonder to your readings. Each picture has the same bright, crisp colors consistent with our other decks, but also with muted tones to add a dream-like feeling.

Inspired by Renaissance art, the creators used a lot of gold and blue to depict the skies and heaven. There is almost a 3-D quality and a sense of depth to these images. The cards have foil stamped elements on the font and back. 

Printed on thick, luxury art paper with matte finish. Front and back of the card are stamped with foil. The box includes a booklet with color images. (printed on the same high quality art paper as the Black Tarot)

78 cards with guidebook with color images.

By Da Brigh  - ("duh-br-EYE") a brand of Tarot cards which brings beautiful art to your divination table.

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