The Crystal World Oracle Cards

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Photography by:
Tom Kapitany (owner of Crystal World, Devon Meadows)
Designed and written by:
Michelle Kingston.
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"The Crystal World" boxed set of 50 beautifully designed oracle cards, complete with guide book.

Discovering the beautiful Crystral World  upon our planet can bring you such an abundance of knowledge and healing. 

The Crystal World Oracle cards brings you 50 of the most favourite crystals here for you to work with that will relate to oall people with their levels of learning, from a beginner to an advanced crystal avatar, we cover the crystal's mineral properties, sacred geometrical shapes, its elements, as well as their applications when using them for repairing any ailments to advance ones soul growth.

These extraordinary and rare photographs collected from Tom Kaptany, while travelling around the world, exclusive and now released in this colourful and practical deck of oracle cards.   They bring you messages to align you with the magical abundant Crystal Kingdoms.

50 beautifully designed oracle cards with guide book.

Boxed deck measures approximately - 15.5 x 11.5 x 3 cm

(Crystals in photos are not included)