The Dark Mansion Tarot - Regular Version 4th. Edition - Gold edges

Taroteca Studio

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Created By:
Krzysztof Wasiuk
Artwork by:
Magdalena Kaczan
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Gold edges, brown reverse of cards (as pictured above)

The Dark Mansion Tarot is a joint work of the originator and producer Krzysztof Wasiuk, who is also the founder of the Taroteca Studio project, and graphic artist Magdalena Kaczan, who is the author of all graphics for cards.

It took two and a half years to create the Dark Mansion Tarot, combining hand and computer drawing techniques in the last phases of drawing and coloring. Countless projects, ideas and modifications have resulted in cards that we hope will delight you.

This Regular Edition of The Dark Mansion Tarot includes:

  • 79 cards - size 12cm x 7,4cm
  • High-quality durable paper, finished with UV lamination (soft shiny, very easy to shuffle)
  • Shiny Gold Edges!
  • Durable and elegant Carton Flip-Box with gold stamping
  • Boxed Deck measures approximately - 15 x 10 x 5 cm