The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot

Hitpoint Press

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Art by:
Kami Areopagita
Writing by:
Misty Bourne
Stories guide us toward intuition and creativity, whether they are narratives we understand about our own lives through tarot, or the tales we create with our friends in role playing games.  The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot combines tarot and roleplaying games with a third magical element - animation. In these beautifully illustrated lenticular cards, the power of tarot comes to life in your hands.
Inside this deluxe tarot box set - you'll discover a dazzling deck of cards full of energy and motion as well as a detailed guidebook to help you unlock your intuition and bring the wisdom of tarot to your 5e game table.
The deck's animation, art, inclusive perspective, and flair distinguish it from other decks, providing unique opportunities to explore tarot in fresh ways. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or are just starting out, and whether you’re an advanced practitioner of tarot or are merely curious, you’ve come to the right place.
The Fool steps out on the journey towards enlightenment just as an adventurer heads out on their quest.
What stories will you shape with The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot?
The Fablemaker's Animated Tarot Box Set includes the complete 78-card Animated Tarot Deck plus the IPPY Award-winning 280-page Animated Tarot Guidebook that will lead you through using tarot, as well as guiding you through using the deck in standard divination.
Product Contents:
  • 78-card animated tarot deck, featuring all Major and Minor Arcana
  • 280-page hardcover Tarot guidebook
  • Great for tarot beginners and enthusiasts alike
  • Use tarot in your TTRPG campaigns
  • Enhance character classes with tarot
  • TTRPG-inspired spreads for divination
  • Imagine major arcana cards as NPCs
  • Includes Nova, an original tarot-inspired NPC

Published - 2022

78-card animated tarot deck with 280pp. hardcover guidebook

Boxed set measures approximately - 23.5 x 16 x 4 cm