The Junior Astrologer's Oracle Deck and Guidebook

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Nikki Van De Car
Illustrations by:
Uta Krogmann
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1st Edition

44 Cards for Budding Mystics

A vibrant oracle deck that allows new and current young fans of divination to continue growing their practice.

This adaptation of Nikki Van De Car's The Junior Astrologer's Handbook is the perfect tool for young mystics looking to harness the energies of the cosmos as they figure out the role astrology plays in their every day life. The 44-card deck complements our stunning handbook, while also serving as a standalone deck for users who may be coming to divination on their own.

A 96-page companion booklet offers a variety of ways to use the deck to help users as they navigate difficult situations (with friends, at home, or at school), while offering them a better understanding of the power they have over their own life/decisions.

Whether looking to do a daily pull for inspiration or in need of answers to specific questions, users will learn what the elements, planets, moon phases, and signs all mean in a reading.

Published - August 2023 

78 cards & guidebook

Boxed set measures approximately - 14 x 9 x 5 cm