The Pendulum Box

Simon and Schuster

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Sig Lonegren
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Like new, barely used, still in original box - box lid has some yellow age spots - all pieces accounted for.

Anyone can dowse.

And Sig Lonegren shows you how.

From the beginning of "The Pendulum Book" he will have you holding your pendulum perfectly still and waiting for it to indicate your search position, and then your 'yes/no' response. And move it will (eventually) - and from that moment you are well on the way to becoming a dowser. 

Sig takes you through exercise after exercise, patiently building up your experience and confidence. It doesn't matter if you sometimes get the wrong response - Sig's system allows for this, and he shows you how you can move forward and add this to your experience. Soon you will progress to the 'maybe' response, the leading edge concept, and triangulation - the simplest way to home in on something hidden from you.

Now there is nothing to hold you back. You will refine your techniques, enabling you to tell when you have moved over an object, learn how to look for drinking water, and even follow your plumbing and drainage systems. And, if you are into ley lines and sacred-energy sites, there is no better way of detecting them than by dowsing.

Should you want to test your newfound skills with other dowsing tools, there is also information on using Y-rods (forked sticks), the bobber (long branch), and L-rods (wire pistol grips). "The Pendulum Box" guarantees hours of absorbing fun with much practical application. Get dowsing!

Set includes: Brass Pendulum and Chain with Clip-fit Dowsing Board & 224 page Book

85 x 85 x 94mm | 270g