The Phoenix Cards

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Susan Sheppard
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Reading and Interpreting Past-Life Influences with the Phoenix Deck

The Phoenix cards and book comprise the first method of divination especially created for delving into your past lives.

  • Discover how the times and places of previous incarnations influence and inspire you today;
  • Understand the puzzling elements of your personality; come to terms with unexplained fears;
  • and Recognize latent talents with the knowledge gained from your Phoenix readings.

This book and deck provide an important key to past life recall. Each of the 28 images is a visual representation of a particular world culture that will bring into focus the times and places of previous incarnations. The symbols of the Phoenix Deck will trigger unconscious memories that will enable you to see yourself more clearly and help you develop latent talents, identify lessons that must be learned, and explain irrational fears, attractions, and impulses.

This is the first divinatory tool especially created for studying past lives to better understand the present.

Click this link to view - Tarot Review The Phoenix Cards By Susan Sheppard, on YouTube.

Published - November 1990

Includes -  paperback book with 28 full-color cards.

Boxed deck measures approximately - 15.24 x 2.54 x 22.86 cm