Universal Dragon Oracle

Blue Angel Publishing

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Carla Morrow
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We have all heard that something in the distance … The dragons are calling, sometimes as a roar and sometimes as a whisper, to stir deep and ancient inner knowledge. There are very few creatures as powerful, as majestic, or as wise. Dragons are reaching out to us, trying to communicate, and this gorgeous oracle is here to help you receive and interpret their guidance.

Award-winning oracle creator, Carla Morrow, worked with eleven dragon families to create an ‘actionable deck’ that you can turn to for purpose, direction, and sure steps forward.

Dragons are harbingers of creativity, inspiration, and positivity. They can lead and inspire us through complex decisions to simple solutions. Timeless manifestations of seen and unseen worlds, fascinating, magnificent, bound to our oldest imagination and most-daring visions — HERE BE DRAGONS! Will you hear their call?

Published - January 2022

44 full colour cards & 72 pp. guidebook in a hard box.